Girls going for the nuts!

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Here's an example of a girl showing males who the stronger sex is, taken from 'Victory to the Ladies'.

Cherry stiffened as the three men who barred her way approached, but she retained a relaxed composure. Unlike the girl with her, an auburn haired beauty called Claire, who was visibly tense. One man, leering in a disgusting manner, took hold of Cherry by the shoulders, almost salivating over her as his eyes feasted on her curvy figure, that was clad in a very tight black cat suit, "Are we goanna have some fun with you two cuties." he said, grinning, while the other men laughed.
"Oh goody," responded Cherry, "I love fun guys!" And with that she brought her knee up with all the force she could, making the smile on the man’s face turn to a grimace of pain as he bent over and then fell to his knees. "Isn't this fun!", Cherry quipped.
"You’re gonna wish you hadn't done that," one of the other men shouted, "by the time I've finished with you you'll never dare show your face in public again." He swung a right hook at Cherry that, had it connected, would certainly have ruined her pretty features. But there was no danger of that, the blonde just stepping back, and as the man’s fist went harmlessly past her face, with her right leg almost fully withdrawn, she delivered an almost running kick into his groin. It was a perfectly executed blow, one Cherry had practiced many times, and as the instep of her booted foot came up underneath her attackers testicles, it not only smashed both beyond repair but forced them up into the man’s belly. As his feet were lifted by the impact he let out a terrible cry, and when his hands clutched at his injured crotch he realised there were no balls there anymore! Screaming, he fell to the ground, delirious from the pain and trauma.

The third man looked on wide eyed with shock. "Bloody hell!" he said to himself. Cherry took advantage of his hesitancy. Seeing that his legs were quite close together she reasoned a kick into, rather than under, the balls would be most effective, and she pirouetted gracefully through 180 degrees to propel her foot into his nuts. Now, when she demonstrated this kick in martial arts demo's she could break planks of wood, so, as you can imagine, the effect on the much more vulnerable target of the man's testicles was truly terrible! His sac was split open at the sides, and the blood and gore of the crushed reproductive organs spewed out into his pants.

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Love it, love how Cherry uses the very symbols of manhood to defeat and beat a man. The man in this story seemed so arrogant, cocky and thought himself the superior gender. I'm so glad she kicked him hard right in his big cocky Balls! I know that kick got him perfectly! I also love how she tells the girls the testicles are his masculinity, and once you make him fear for his balls, you have the match between him won......that is such a true statement. The Balls are such a weakness, women are the stronger sex, and men are the weaker gender.
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where it hurts
where it hurts
For those who've seen the adventures of Cherry's Angels, I've created a little tale of how Cherry's career as a ball busting heroine began, to develop her character a bit.

CHERRY'S ANGELS- the begining

How did a lovely lady like Cherry become such a fearsome fighter? Well, it began when she was just five, and she saw a demonstration on tv of Aikido. Fascinated by the grace and beauty of the art she asked her parents to enrol her in a class, and so her training in how to fight began. Cherry was adept at learning, and in time studied other martial arts, so that by the time she reached her teens she’d become a skilful exponent of them. But she wasn’t aggressive by nature, and never had cause to use her skills until a fateful day when she had reached the age of seventeen. She had just left a martial arts class, where she was now a tutor, and was walking home when something happened that would change her life.
Cherry was now a curvy and beautiful young woman, something that had been noticed by the local young men, including, unfortunately, those of dishonourable nature. Just such a man saw her that evening, his eyes fixed on her delicious figure, delightfully shown off by her tight jeans and top, and as she turned into a footpath, he followed.
“Hey slut,” he shouted, “you look worth a fuck.”
She ignored him, and walked on. “I’m talking to you, you little whore,” the man almost screamed. Cherry would have continued to walk away, but her tormentor now grabbed her from behind, both hands around her throat, and he began to utter a threat to kill her if she screamed. Only began, as he suddenly cried out in pain, as Cherry, acting on instinct and training, kicked back and up with one foot, the sole of her shoe thumping hard into the man’s groin! As he doubled over, gasping in pain, she again walked on, but the words the man now uttered made her stop.
“You fucking bitch!” He bellowed, “I’m goanna make you wish you’d never been born!”
Cherry turned to face him, her legs slightly apart, her arms relaxed but ready for action, her toned body primed for fighting.
“Go on then, make me wish I’d never been born.”
He was startled by her reaction, expecting her to be frightened. But he’d make her regret what she’d done, he thought. He wasn’t going to let her get away with having the audacity to hurt him in such a personnel place, he was going to teach her a lesson she’d never forget! And so, standing straight, albeit with some difficulty because of the pain in his scrotum, he strode forward and aimed a right hook at Cherry’s lovely face. Regrettably for him, Cherry knew how to recognise when someone intended to deliver such a blow, she could see from his body stance and movement what his intention were. So she stepped back to avoid his punch, withdrawing her right leg as far as possible to give the maximum momentum and force to the kick she was about to deliver. The man, being off balance as his fist connected only with thin air, was unable to take evasive action as the pretty blonde’s shapely but strong leg came up between his thighs, the instep of her foot hitting his testicles like a battering ram! His mouth opened wide, but no scream came out, just a gurgling noise, as, clutching at his wounded crotch he sank to the ground, and lay there retching and weeping.
Cherry stared at him for a few seconds, then, with a toss of her pony tail, walked away.

She was later to read in the local paper of a man being admitted to hospital with severe injuries to the testicles, and she realized it was her attacker. He’d told the police he was attacked by a group of youths, not surprisingly he hadn’t wanted to tell the truth of what happened!

The paper quoted a police spokesman as saying, “This was a very serious assault. The victim will definitely lose one testicle and possibly both, meaning he’ll have been castrated.”
“Hopefully.” Cherry muttered to herself. But the incident had got Cherry thinking. For the first time her fighting skill had been tested, and had saved from a rapist. “If I can do that,” she thought, “so can other girls, like those in my martial arts class. But as women are being abused all the time, it would be great if girls who know how to fight sought out men who mistreat females, and made them suffer”.
And that was moment that Cherry’s Angels was born.

In time Cherry established her own self defence course for girls, where she not only taught them how to fight, but impressed on them that a man’s weakest point is his balls! Not only physically, but mentally to. A man’s concept of his masculinity is in his balls, she’d tell them. Make a man fear for the safety of his testicles and you were halfway to defeating him. Hurt him bad there and a girl would not only defend herself, but she’d strike a blow for the fair sex, as he’d think twice about trying to force his attentions on a girl in future. And she’d always tell them kicking a man in the nuts is fun!
Whenever a member of her class told her of how they’d used the skills she’d taught them to defend themselves it really thrilled her. Cherry loved the look of elation on girl’s faces as they’d describe how they’d fought off a man, their joy as they’d cry, “I kicked him really hard, right in his nuts! He was in agony!” They’d then hug, and laugh at the weakness of the ‘stronger sex’.
And there is another aspect of Cherry’s work. She and a few girls with fighting skills as lethal as hers are commandos against male abuse. Sex slavers, gangs of rapists and such like are their targets, or more precisely, they target the men’s balls. Not just to hurt their manhood, but to destroy it! That way, Cherry reasons, they’ll never abuse women again!
Cherry’s Angels are the dark side of female emancipation. Like Emma Peel they seduce men with their beauty and sexuality, but then they kick, punch, knee and squeeze the organs men want to use on them into a messy, crushed pulp! Just as Cherry did to the oaf who pestered her when she was just seventeen.

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Nice one!
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I love this story, especially when Cherry kicks his balls up into his stomach. I know how that feels--UGhhhhh, I feel the nausea coming on----
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